Unless otherwise indicated in writing from the school office, it is expected that students wear their complete uniforms on a daily basis.

The girls’ uniform in Grades PK-4 consists of a plaid school jumper, a white dress blouse, and knee socks, or tights (white or navy blue).  The girls’ uniform in Grades 5-8 consists of a plaid school skirt (2 different styles), a white dress blouse, a uniform navy blue vest, and knee socks or tights (white or navy blue). A white turtleneck and khaki dress pants may be worn from NOVEMBER 1st through MARCH 31st.

The boys’ uniform in all grades consists of a plaid school necktie, light blue or white dress shirt, and navy blue or khaki dress trousers. Denim jeans of any kind or sweat pants are not acceptable.

Threaded and beaded braids, unnatural dyed hair, tails, shaved heads w/messages, body painting, and body piercing undermine our school’s commitment to simplicity and lack of competition in the area of dress. They are not consistent with the school dress code, and therefore, are not acceptable.

Hair on boys will be neatly trimmed with at least the bottom half of the ears exposed and a length not touching the top of the shirt collar. Girls may wear any tasteful hairstyle. No gaudy or extreme cuts, designs, or colors are allowed for girls or boys. Hair must be clean and groomed appropriately.

Jewelry should be simple and of a conservative nature. Pierced earrings are to be limited to no more than one pair per ear (on ear lobe only).

In addition, students are not allowed to wear choker necklaces of any kind. No student will have a tattoo, permanent or temporary, that is exposed while wearing school uniforms (including athletic uniforms). Hats are not to be worn in the school building at any time.

Shirts are to be fully tucked in at all times.

If the children wear sweaters during the school day, they must be uniform sweaters purchased from the uniform company.  Sleeveless fleece vests/jackets with the school’s emblem embroidered may be worn on cooler days. Sweatshirts of any kind are not allowed during the school day. All school uniforms, ties, and sweaters can be ordered through the Flynn and O’Hara Uniform Company at any time during the school year at 1-800-441-4122.

A warm weather option consisting of a dark green polo shirt with the embroidered school name and khaki walking shorts (or skorts for girls) is available through the last Friday of September and for the months of May and June. The dark green polo shirts may also be worn with uniform pants and skirts/jumpers during this time of year.  This option is only obtainable from a uniform supplier determined by the school. There are no substitutions.

Sneakers and dress shoes are both acceptable for the classroom but on gym day students must wear sneakers. Shoes must have backs.  High heels, flip-flops, sandals, or other backless shoes are not allowed for daily wear or for dress down days.

Shoes that have built in wheels also pose a safety hazard.  The wheels on these shoes should never be used in school.

Socks are required for all students as a part of their uniform.


The Principal will have the discretion to determine if a student’s attire is appropriate on no-uniform days and will also have the authority to set the mode of attire for these special occasion days. On no-uniform days students should choose attire appropriate for the school environment.

Inappropriate attire includes: tank tops, shorts that are more than two inches above the knees, tights worn without a skirt or pants, beach or hiking attire, bare midriff tops, t-straps, halter tops, T-shirts with inappropriate slogans, logos or designs, mini-skirts, etc.  Shoes must be appropriate for steep stairs, recess, physical education, etc. (for example: no shoes without ankle support, no flip-flops, sandals, slippers, crocs, etc.).  If a child wears clothing that does not meet the no-uniform code, parents will be contacted and asked to bring a change of clothing for them.