Directory of Faculty and Staff 2021-2022

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Rev. Robert Wiseman, CSC, Pastor

Mrs. Tiffany McKenna, Principal

Mrs. Kristi Segura, Receptionist

Mrs. Susan Paustian, Office Manager

Mrs. Christine Becker, Preschool

Mr. Matthew Bersaw, Kindergarten   (Mr. Bersaw’s Classroom Website)

Ms. Alyssa Barry, Grade 1      (Ms. Barry’s  Classroom Website)

Ms. Jessica LaPorte, Grade 2     (Ms. LaPorte’s  Classroom Website)

Mrs. Rebecca Greenslet, Grade 3     (Mrs. Greenslet’s Classroom Website)

Mrs. Maria Gorry, Grade 4     (Mrs. Gorry’s Classroom Website)

Mrs. Jennifer Moore, Grade 5 Homeroom

Mrs. Kristi Knapp Steere,  Grade 6 Homeroom

Ms. Abigail Adams, Grade 7 Homeroom

Mr. Kevin Gorry,  Grade 8 Homeroom

Mrs. Chrissy Morrissey, Grade 8 Homeroom    

Mrs. Nancy Hopkins, School Aide & After School Program

Mrs. Marcia Hendery, Assistant to the Principal

Mrs. Kathy Murphy, At Home Learning Group Mentor    (Mrs. Murphy’s Classroom Website)

Ms. Karen Webster, Music & Band

Mrs. Judi Estes, Technology

Mrs. Jennie Hogan, Art Education & Physical Education

Mrs. Crystal Harris, Middle School Art Education

Mrs. Sara Sokolowski, Preschool Aide

Ms. Chelsea Tifft, School Aide

Ms. Rose Santarcangelo, Bookkeeper

Mrs. Diane Dowgiewicz, School Nurse