School Board

The School of Sacred Heart St. Francis de Sales’ Board is dedicated to carrying out the mission of the school: the quality education of young people in a caring, respectful, faith-filled environment. The Board is comprised of committees that work with Mr. Estes and Father Wiseman to accomplish this mission. Our many committees include Spirituality, Finance, Development, Physical Plant (Building and Grounds), Parish/School Relations, Policy and Special Projects. School Board members for the 2019-2020 school year are as follows:

• Rev. Robert Wiseman, CSC, Pastor
• David Estes, Principal
• Chad Schmidt – Chairperson
• James Caswell
• Linda Droege
• Carol Roaf
• Michelle Vandemark
• Sarah Wilson
• John Wright
• Norina Gilarde, Appointed Secretary

School Board meetings take place every other month, and parents, parishioners, and community members are always welcome. Being a member of The School of Sacred Heart St. Francis de Sales Board is a rewarding and an exciting opportunity to assist in the upbringing of our young people. We consider ourselves fortunate to serve our school, parish and community.